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Counseling & Recovery

Isles of Hope Center is dedicated to assisting individuals and your family with Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health. We work to help you discover balance and create fulfilling, meaningful lives. Ours is a strengths based ideology and we work with all aspects of an individuals life. See our NEW Online Recovery Program!

Small Business & Start-up Coaching

We specialize in Personal Coaching for Small Business owners and Start Ups. 

We assist you to find your place in the business world and empower your venture. 
If you need help to see the big picture and create the life you dreamed of, we can help.  We work over the phone and online to educate and support you.  Give us a call or email us to ask specific questions and we will be happy to assist you to find what you need.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Programs & Workshops

Our workshops give you the tools to create your life and follow through with your dreams. To see our latest Workshops go to Programs on the menu on side.

      Discover inspiration and finding your purpose
      Have the impact you want in your life endeavors
      Business Design & Support
      Recovery & Support "NEW Online Group"
      Designing your life for enjoyment and balance
      Creativity in your Professional Work

Personal, Family, & Recovery Support

We focus on the personal needs of individuals and families and work to discover how to honor who you are.  We work to eliminate unwanted stress and maladaptive coping strategies by focusing on increasing qualities of strength and discovery of what drives you toward a personally gratifying life.  See our New Recovery Programs!

Please see the rest of our website for more information on our programs. If you need further assistance please call or e-mail us. We appreciate any questions to help you understand how we can serve you. We are committed to assisting you to get the most complete and highest quality care


On going activities, classes, and groups, included in our Programs are:
Creative Life Adventures Series:

"Creative Writing Workshop"
"Don't Wait... Get Your Business Started"
"Care Giver Coaching & Support" 
"Wellness & Recovery Program"

See our NEW ONLINE Recovery Program
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